ART & DECÓ creates trends with designed elements for interior architecture such as countertops, basins, sinks, bathtubs and shower trays. These pieces have been designed in the Department of Architecture and Design of GRAMABLACK, and they are hand made by stonemasons in our Production Centre in Calatorao.

The pieces of natural stone adapt to every taste due to the serenity and simple aesthetic coming from their stone materiality. The irregular presence of white veins provides a touch of light that enriches textures and dark tones, while distinguishing, personalising and making each piece special. Their design is unique and their incorporation in different rooms gives exclusivity and distinction to architecture and interior design projects.

Calatorao GRAMABLACK stone is widely used in bathrooms and kitchen design due to its great durability and easy cleaning. In addition, the aged, honed and polished finishes seal the pores from the boulder cutting, further improving the stone resistance to dirt. The application of these finishes intensifies the stone´s black colour whose beauty has the full visitor´s attention. For this reason, these stone pieces are used as a focal point of the design, such as a feature wall or an impressive flooring. The contrast between GRAMABLACK’s dark tones and other elements materiality and textures, combined with the adequate use of lighting make an interior design sophisticated, elegant and unique.