The Calatorao Stone is a marble limestone dated back to the Jurassic period (more than 170 million years ago) quarried in the Dehesa Boyal del Romeral, located in the village of Calatorao and it is sourced from our own quarries in the heart of Aragón (Spain).

Its excellent crystallisation grade and singular colour tone make it a unique stone, both for its aesthetic properties and for its strength and durability. The polishing of the pieces enhances their intense black glossiness which giving them the name of Black Marble from Calatorao.

At GRAMABLACK we are design specialists and we conceive each of our pieces from the strength of the land that saw them born; the history and time involved in their creation process; and the quality of our dedication and hard work. We produce our products from the natural stone´s extraction and we manage the comprehensive manufacturing service with the intention of achieving the most exclusive pieces of black marble.

Our stone is unique. Its black colour, its slightly veined texture and the unique fossils presence make Calatorao stone a beautiful product itself, capable of adding distinction and elegance to every project. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, its natural quality has been recognised by quality certificates such as CE Marking, which make our products highly desired pieces by every architecture, landscape and interior design professional.

Thanks to GRASA GROUP´s support, GRAMABLACK provides to our customers a wide range of technical resources and a full range of exclusive high-quality products. With more than 50 years of experience, we have become a national and international benchmark and our products are well known and used throughout the world.


GRAMABLACK owns 2,000,000 m3 mining reserves in open pit quarries whose origin is established in documents dating from the fifteenth century. Since then the use of these quarries has remained active thanks to the important work of Calatorao stonemasons who passed their work, stone shaping and embellishment knowledge, from one generation to another generation.

Our production capacity has increased since our origins, but we still count on professional stonemasons to maintain traditional good work, pride and care. They apply that touch of distinction and exclusivity to the artisan pieces of our stone LUXURY and ART & DECÓ series.


Calatorao Black Marble is our passion and with it we have designed different stone SERIES that respond to the requirement of each design area with style and personality. We work closely with architecture, interior design and landscape professionals to create new products to inspire your projects and realise your expectations and dreams, always staying at the forefront of the Natural Stone World.