Fotógrafa Belén Imaz


LUXURY works on the exclusivity of large pieces, custom-made furniture, special elements and sculptures. The carving and craftsmanship of stonemasons is kept alive thanks to tradition and interest in creating unique pieces that live up to the most ambitious aesthetic expectations.

Calatorao stone is special, an inimitable material, with an impressive black colour beauty. Its versatility reaches the maximum quality grade and unique pieces, contribute to a lifestyle of quality, exclusivity and excellence. The work and design in stone allows us to offer to our most distinguished clients a world of sensations and personalized environments through our products.

At GRAMABLACK LUXURY there are multiple design experiences that can be achieved with our stone: from the majesty of the Solomonic columns of a cathedral to the modernist elegance of Arts & Crafts details; the modern brutalism of large rustic pieces; the zen minimalism and timelessness of a thermal pool; the natural sophistication of furniture made in the purest Nordic style; or the new Street-style youth of a sculptural piece made with stones from our quarry recycling center. A whole world of possibilities is open to the inspiration of the most prestigious and demanding interior design professionals in the world.