Every moment of life happens in spaces and rooms that need different environmental, technical and health and safety requirements, without losing the comfort and good design that each one deserves. From the public spaces of streets, squares, parks or communal facilities, to the privacy of your office, your home, your living room or your bathroom; Each of these are rooms that we share and we enjoy with our loved ones every day.

At GRAMABLACK we think that every moment is important and each space deserves the attention of the time we spend in it. For this reason we have designed different SERIES whose products, made in Calatorao Stone, are focused on responding to every requirement, whether technical or aesthetic, that the different design areas need.

The uniqueness of our pieces is the result of the union of two components: a unique raw material and a highly qualified technical team. We work within these principles criteria to maintain our products quality and to get client´s satisfaction.

On your walk in the city … URBAN

Serie Urban

On your relaxing steps in the park … LANDSCAPE

In the skyline of your neighbourhood … ARCHITECTONIC

In the comfort of your home … HOME

In the design of your room … ART&DECÓ

In the exclusive creativity …LUXURY

In the difficulty of the last goodbye…FUNERARY