In GRAMABLACK we have an Architecture and Design Technical Office to advise our clients. We appreciate direct contact with customers. We grow and feedback in conversations with them, designing and drawing innovative, unique and exclusive proposals that personalize our pieces and give them added value.

If you have any questions, our professionals` experience and technical knowledge will guide you to choose the most suitable GRAMABLACK product for you, regardless of the design sector you specialise in or the construction type you are going to carry out. Do not hesitate to contact us in relation to any question; we are here to advise you

Furthermore, our services are not limited to finished product supply. Our love for stone motivates us to make innovated pieces and to invest in research, with the aim of developing new products and finishes that break into the stone market due to their innovation, design and functionality (R&D Department)

All these Technical Means allow us to offer our clients a complete extraction, design, manufacture and supply chain of our products, in order to optimize yields, contribute to the environment and minimize occupational risks. If you are interested in GRAMABLACK, you can request a quote through our Sales Department.